Who is Impossible Enterprises?

Impossible Enterprises is a tight team of tradespeople led by Allister McRae.
From Allister

Using my reputation for solid work, integrity, site organization & cleanliness and treating people fairly and well, I have been back in Victora since 2011, creating experiences for people to enjoy. When I’m not working on Impossible Enterprises or my luxury brand of acoustic sculptures, Dacusti, you will find me out running the trails and ultra marathons, making interactive art, or partaking in and supporting the arts.

I’ve been in construction since 2002, having managed jobs of up to $1 million as a site supervisor and doing residential construction since 2015, I have taken and passed all of the requirements for a licensed builder in BC – now they just want to see my on the ground experience. I’m also a certified wooden boat builder and build sculpture for high-end homes. With that all under my belt and an eye for the details, I bring together the best to help create the vision you see for your space.

I specialize in doing great work and finding and keeping the best people around me. Our in-house team is agile and capable, being here to enhance your lived environment.

I am the person responsible and who answers directly to you to make sure your needs are met while we are working together. It’s great to meet you and I hope we get a chance to meet in person soon!