Acoustic Panels – Diffusers & Absorbers

Our specialty!

We provide custom acoustic panels in the form of custom built diffusers and absorbers.  These works are designed and built to change the tonality and reverberation of your spaces. Either to make a space quieter or to control the sound to give you a more refined experience.

A Refined Experience?

We make your spaces look and sound better.

Each room has its own set of characteristics that affect the sounds within it. Sound waves bounce off of walls and objects and reflect back to you based on your location in the room and what materials have been experienced in the sound wave’s journey.   This jorney is different for every tone. 

For example: a higher frequency will reflect off of smaller objects and come back to your ears sooner than a lower frequency, which will go around the object, with one tiny fraction of it being reflected back to you.



Diffusers will take a tight beam of sound and spread it out so that it loses some of its sound energy and give a more diffuse sound field for you to sit in.  You might consider the big bang theory of the universe.  If everything was contained in a small space, it was all very tightly packed together.  A sound wave is like that infinitely tight ball of matter being thrown at a wall or other reflective object.  When it hit, and the Big Bang happens, the sound wave spreads throughout the room as much as the stars now spread throughout the universe. 

A bigger sound field can be useful when you want to spread the sound out in a room. It can help with your sense of immersion in both music and movies.


Absorbers take a given wavelength and slow the speed of the sound wave, usually converting it to mechanical motion and/or heat to remove our ability to perceive the sound in its original form.  Absorbers are also tuned to the frequency of the sound.  Low frequencies have much longer wavelengths and therefore require much more space to be captured and tamed.

This is useful when you want to keep the sound of your room contained within itself – or sometimes when you want to keep sounds out. 

Can this be taken too far?

Yes. Using too much diffusion and absorption can make your studio or home theater sound “dead.”  We human’s are used to having a large number of queues in our auditory environment.  When all is removed, we start to hear exactly what sounds are being sent to us and from where.  It might remove the sound-stage from your musical environment, for instance, if the reflective surfaces were removed.  Leaving you hearing only the sound of the instruments coming directly out of the speakers