Victoria and Vancouver Island’s primary home theater and home studio creation and improvement contractors. We provide sound construction experience.

We can help you find, or design and build for you, custom soundproofing and acoustic panels.

Home Theater

For you, we can adjust, remodel, or rebuild your home theater space to get you in the middle of the ultimate cinematic experience.

Whether your looking to be in the middle of the action on the ground, or flying serenely over mountain tops hearing only the cold bright air, we create the space for the utmost movie watching enjoyment.

With more than just our knowledge of a great acoustic experience; Our interior designers work with you to understand you and help guide the vision for your space.  Then, working with our acousticians and engineers, we work build out the space, giving you that thrill of excitement  as you transcend into a new level of cinematic luxury.

Home Studio

Do you want your podcast recordings, youtube videos, or music jams to sound great right out of the recording room?

Then we have solutions that are more than acoustic foam on the walls.   We know it looks kind of cool. And its cheap. But does it really do the job? No.

Here, we are really working to keep the sounds of the outside world away from your recordings.  You want to trust that what you are hearing is as close the true experience as you want for your fans.   This is a slightly more involved process than the home theater.  The sound needs to be accurate. Your fans will appreciate it.

From finding the ultimate listening, speaker, and recording positions within a control room or home studio, to having separate control rooms and studios, we can help you design the space that is going to make you sound your best and giving your fans more appreciation for your work.

Recording Studio

Thats it. You’re levelled up or your already in the music industry.  You want and need the best control for sound that you can possibly have.

Here we will work with acousticians, sound engineers, and structural engineers to create the be acoustic environment your space can provide.  You’re serious and we are building acoustic space (sometimes within a space) to your needs. 

Along with the structure, the design team will have created the ultimate listening, speaker, and recording positions within the control room and a properly acoustically treated environment for the artists to create from. 

If you are at this level, you need to call us before you buy or lease a space.

There is so much that goes into planning when ou plan to create your own music or shows or when you want to lease your space to other professionals. We are here to help you understand how to find the location and building to suit your needs.  We work along side architects, engineers, interior designers, and you to get you the best sound and highest value from your investment.