Shop Projects

Things that happen on our end to help make your vision a reality.

Drying Drawers

We needed somewhere to place some boards while the the stain dried. 
It needed to be well ventialated, have heat, and be sealed enough from the rest of the shop space that noone would get fumigated out as they work inside.

This roll-out drying drawer was the solution.  It has more than 12″ clearance vertically and can take things almost 8′ long end to end – longer corner to corner – and almost 4′ wide.  We are looking forward to using this for some other special projects over time. 

With a lucky find of 350 watt shoe drying heater, we managed to find something that would keep the heating element with enough power to create heat but not enough to cause a fire. With the additional protection of distance through hoses to the box and potential fumes, we have a well-built forced-air system.

The exit is some old vacuum hose we had lying around going to a hole that was already drilled in the floor with the other end of the hose in the end of the box furthest away from the heater; to create air flow.